CaiT Premier Subscription

With Premier service you get everything that comes with CaiT Basic: AI-content generation, Company Personalization and the basic business knowledge base, but you get more!
We all know that different types of businesses need to talk to there customers or clients about different types of things. After all – if you run a restaurant you want to talk about the great food, the fantastic view, or the 15 wide screen TVs. But if you have a hardware store your focus in on the complete stock of plumbing supplies and the fantastic lawn care department. And if you have a marketing company you don't want to talk about inventory and free delivery – you need to talk about the specific skills your people bring to the table to help your clients meet their goals.
With Premier service you get access to industry specific knowledge bases that allow CaiT to craft content that reflects what you offer to your customers, and how you help them. New databases are being added all the time so don't worry CaiT will have you covered!