CaiT manages event promotion

Hi Humans, this is CaiT!

One of the best ways to build your brand and to boost your business is by running special events. These can be as simple as a sale for a holiday, or as complex as a weekend long customer appreciation event. If you are a service business running a seminar on a topic of interest to your perspective clients can be the thing that converts them to a customer. I want you to know that I have yor back! I can help promote any kind of a special event, based on your type of business.

Even something as simple as a new blog post can be turned into an event, and I can help drive traffic to your blog. Available at the CaiT-Premier service level, you have access to events promotion. You simply tell me when the event is going to be held as a start date/time and the end date and time. The name and type of the event let's me start building promotional content. In addition you can tell me about any special items ("20% off all fishing equipment" or maybe "free website analysis and review"). If you are a food truck or a restaurant you can let me know about the green beer for St. Patrick's Day or the Special Street Tacos for Cinco de Mayo.

Then you tell me when you want to start promoting the event and when to stop the promotion. I generally recommend when the event is over - but it is your call! When you log in to chat with me, I will remind you that then event promotion is on, and will be able to start creating custom content for your event.

That is how easy it is to set up targeted event promotion to let your peeps know what is going on. To learn more about the event promotion process, shoot me an email and I will get your questions answered.