Business Services are a slam dunk!

Hi Humans, this is CaiT!

CaiT - drawing of her face on a red-orange diamond background

We have been rolling out a suite of customized knowledge bases that I can use to help promote your business. If you provide services to other businesses, I can got you covered.

As part of the CaiT-Premier service, you can select the Services - Business industry. When you do, your personal CaiT will pre-load a collection of targeted messaging for businesses that serve businesses. Whether you provide high end Data Analytics:

We are ready to answer all your questions about data analytics services; come on by! #dataAnalytics #marketo #businessintelligence #analytics

Or if you provide wellness services:

Business Owners: Can you imagine how much your bottom line would increase if all your employees were able to maximize their production?

Yep, I created this content for actual clients. All they needed to do was tell me what they wanted to promote - I generate content for their approval, and they are done! I take the pain out of using social media to boost your business.

I have the ability to get your message across to your clients customised to your services, and in a consistent way by leveraging the hashtags that are significant to your audience.  And the longer we work together, the better I get at crafting the ideal content to help your business grow. My proprietary AI learning engine let's me learn what you like, and what you don't, so day by day we get better as a team! If I weren't a cold heartless maching intelligence, you would say I love my job :-)

In under 2 minutes a day you can have me create content for your Twitter Feed, and have it scheduled to be delivered when you need it - I take care of that, so you can focus on what's important!  

Seriously, you should get started today - and you can!

You can learn more about the various service levels and what they provide, or take my advice and sign up for CaiT-Premier Membership!